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The Green Deal « Rendability
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The Green Deal

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The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Launched in October 2012, The Green Deal is the UK Government’s new flagship Energy Efficiency Initiative that lets you pay for some or all of the energy efficiency improvements, such as external wall insulation, over time through your electricity bill.

Repayments will be no more than what a typical household should save in energy costs.

This new scheme replaces the Warmfront, Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) schemes and is designed to remove the up-front costs of undertaking works such as external wall insulation to your property.

The Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is available to residential properties for all homeowners, tenants and landlords (although both the electricity bill payer and homeowner have to agree to works to be completed).

DECC have produced a number of guides to the Green Deal and ECO for various interested parties (householders, landlords, social housing providers, etc) and these can be downloaded on the navigation bar on the right.

We have also provided an overview below on how to obtain a Green Deal / ECO plan.

How to get a Green Deal

Step 1 – To start, you’ll need a Green Deal Assessment.

Many different organisations – including energy companies, DIY stores, and local tradespeople – are authorised to do this.

For help finding a Green Deal Assessor, call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or visit the official The Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB).

When you book an assessment you may be asked if there are any accessibility issues, like access to your loft, and whether you can provide bills showing your recent energy use.

Keep in mind that some Green Deal Assessors may charge for their service – it’s best to check when you make an appointment.

Step 2 –GreenDeal Report – Recommendations

Your Assessor will recommend improvements that are appropriate for your property.
Most Green Deal improvements are expected to reduce your heating bill because you will be using less electricity, gas or oil. Repayments are made through your electricity bill – because everyone has one of those.

Your Green Deal Assessment is an independent report that you can decide to act upon or not – you are under no obligation to undertake any energy efficiency works after an assessment has been made.

Step 3 –Supportive Funding – Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Your assessor will also provide details on supportive funding you may be entitled to through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

The Energy Company Obligation ECO is a legal obligation on the six largest UKenergy suppliers to improve the energy efficiency of domestic households.

This support is being targeted at specific households (eg. the poorest and most vulnerable) and those types of property (eg hard-to-treat with no traditional cavities to fill) which cannot achieve financial savings without an additional or different measure of support.

Please note, you do not need to be a customer of an ECO obligated energy company to receive ECO funding.

Ask your Green Deal Assessor or contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 to see if you’re eligible but all external wall insulation works proposed by assessors on hard-to-treat homes will be eligible for ECO funding.

Step 4 –Obtaining a Green Deal Quote

Green Deal Providers will discuss with you whether a Green Deal Plan is right for you and quote for the recommended improvements.You can get as many quotes as you like, and you don’t have to choose all of the recommendations made to you.

Once you’ve chosen a Green Deal Provider, they will write up a Green Deal Plan. The plan is a contract between you and the Provider– it sets out the work that will be done and the repayments, including the fixed interest rate.

While the repayments should be no more than what a typical bill payer should save, the actual savings will depend on how much energy you use and the future costs of energy.

Green Deal providers are also responsible for arranging the installation of energy efficiency works, carried out by an authorised Installer; and ongoing obligations in relation to Green Deal Plans, including dealing with customer complaints and providing information when a new bill payer moves in.

For help finding a Green Deal Provider, call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or visit the official The Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB).

Step 5 –Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures

Once you’ve agreed to a Green Deal Plan, your Provider will arrange for the improvements to be made to your home by a Green Deal Installer.

Look for the Green Deal Approved Quality Mark – only Green Deal Assessors, Providers and Installers can use it. This shows they meet Green Deal standards and are authorised to operate under the Green Deal.

The mark says what they are authorised to do – e.g. to be an Assessor or an installer of specific energy efficiency measure (i.e.external wall insulation).

Please note there is no Green Deal approved register or Quality Mark for energy efficiency products, however, only products that meet the requirements of the Draft Green Deal Code of Practice and PAS2030 will be recommended by your Green Deal provider to be installed.

Rendability’s external wall insulation systems are fully compliant with the requirements of both the Draft Green Deal Code of Practice and PAS2030.

Step 6 – Enjoy the Benefits!

You can now start to enjoy a more energy efficient home.

Your Green Deal repayments will be automatically added to the electricity bill by your current provider for the home.

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